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Owned by the Ambassador Theatre Group, the Savoy theatre as it stands in 2017 opened its doors in 1929 with a production of the Gondoliers. The previous theatre which opened in 1881, it was known for being the first building open to the public which had full electric lighting.

The current interior is a restoration following a fire in 1990.It reopened 3 years after this disaster. The restored interior featured the 1920 designs, art deco walls and multi-coloured upholstery.

Current Show

This beautiful theatre is cWest-End-Dreamgirls-Reviewurrently home to Dreamgirls, which opened in 2016. The original Broadway production is 36 years old, and the Savoy hosts the first UK version of this critically acclaimed production.

The show is renowned for its charm, powerful cast, featuring US stars such as Glee’s Amber Riley, and gorgeous set design, Dreamgirls is a delight for all audiences.

Amber Riley lends a real power house to the production. An American actress and singer, her previous theatre performances include A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Alice in Wonderland.

The story shows the journey of three music superstars, from their debut as a wide-eyed singing trio with big dreams. With music from the likes of the Supremes as well as now famous original compositions, there are some real show stopper power songs performed throughout, including the famous ‘And I’m Telling You I’m Not Going’.

The current show focus for the theatre is musical based shows. The Take That production called Never Forget has played here, as well as being home to the original showing of critically acclaimed Legally Blonde.


The theatre has three levels – Grand, Dress circle and Stalls. The legroom is quite good throughout the theatre, until you reach the Grand Circle.


If you would like to buy tickets in person you can visit the theatre itself, or phone direct. Otherwise online sales are readily available, just confirm they have the STAR accreditation so you know the tickets are genuine.

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