London’s West End Theatre District

The West End is the common name given to the theatre district in London, named of course due to its location… In the West End of London.

The West End offers much more than just the th
eatre hub of the City. It is also famous for shopping on the areas adjacent to Oxford, Bond and Regent Street, and features historic places of interest like the City of Westminster or Chinatown.

640px-West_End_(8119804411)However, as a tourist to London, when you talk of the West End you will no doubt be referring to the mainstream theatre outlets, which, coupled with New York’s Broadway, make up for the largest commercial English speaking theatre scene.

Like New York, the West End attracts the crème of talent to the stage. Even Hollywood favourites such as Helen Mirren have graced the stages here, delighted audiences and won awards for their performances.

Some Top Theatre Tips for the West End

  • Common to popular belief, there is no dress code to adhere to. If you fancy walking off the street into a show in your jeans and jumper you can!
  • You will be summoned to your performance start by a bell sounding. Don’t dally as you may be refused entrance once the show begins.
  • No recordings. As tempting as it may be to Facebook live the show, don’t. Recording and broadcasting are strictly prohibited.
  • Show souvenirs. Programmes and other branded items are available for sale if you wish to have something to remember the experience with.


You can buy direct from the theatres, online or from many ticket offices in and around the West End. Do shop around for the best deal and make sure you understand the seating plan, to ensure you get a great view at a cost within your own budget. You can buy tickets in advance, or for same day showings.

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